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  • Keeping AJ cool in the Cryotherapy Chamber to RECOVER!!! 🥶🥶
#rigsrecovery #cryotherapy #mygc #recovery
  • Rigs Recovery wish Logan Martin all the best as he defends his gold medal in the 2019 BMX Park Gold |X Games in Minneapolis next week. Logan preparing in the Cryotherapy Chamber for the past week #bmx #bmxracing #bmxlife #bmxminneapolis #champion #sportsrecovery#goldcoast #queensland#
  • Just a few photos of a very busy day helping our guests recover from the Kokoda Challenge, Recover from their games on the week-end & getting ready for their trip overseas tomorrow to compete in America & take on the world. At Rigs Recovery love helping & supporting our guests in all ways #sportsrecovering#bmx #bmxlife#bmxracing #kokoda19 #kokodachallenge2019 #sportsinjury #goldcoastlife #mygc #queensland
  • Congratulations to Team Fifita on all your 5 teams finishing the Kokoda Challenge! Amazing effort. You never seize to amaze me. Thanks for using Rigs for preparation & Recovery today. Super  Proud girls 👏🏻🥇🏆
  • A huge congratulations to our fellow worker Toby Redler graduating yesterday with a Bachelor of Paramedicine & giving the Valedictory Speech! Legend 👏🏻👏🏻#goldcoast #mygc#paramedics #paramediclife #cryotherapy #recovery #sportsrecovery #sportsinjury
  • Recover at Rigs from the Kokoda Challenge on Sunday. Use our magnesium pools/spas & wet sauna & compression legs to recover, rejuvenate & repair. Open from 8am till 6pm #gckc19 #kokodachallenge2019 #kokodachallenge
Try a full Cryo Chamber experience at Rigs Recovery Centre this Friday to boost cell renewal & metabolism, assist with muscle repair, inflammation & joint pain. 🥶🥶🥶
Book now 1300 998 711
#cryotherapybenefits #cryoaustralia #rigsrecovery #recovery #mygc #queensland #goldcoast
  • FRIDAY FREEZE $40 TODAY ONLY ❄️❄️🤫Normally $70. Beautiful Vai tried the Cryotherapy for the first time & ended up booking 3 sessions! If you book 3 today for $120 you can use the other 2 sessions any day of the week. Great time to try the CRYO EXPERIENCE!! You won’t be disappointed😊 #cryotherapy #gcm19 #mygc#goldcoastmarathon #goldcoast#queensland#weightloss #repair#sportsrecovery#sportsinjury #sportsrehab #cryopenguin
  • Great to have the Queensland AFL Under 15’s Boys in having a good recovery session after the Junior AFL School Cup. #aflq #rigsrecovery #rigs #sportsrehab #sportsinjury #mygc #afl #goldcoast
  • The Many Health Benefits of Sauna Use
—Reduce your risk of stroke ✅
—Benefit your brain✅
—Flush toxins out of your body✅
—Boost immune function✅
—Reduce pain✅
—Protect your heart✅
—Lower inflammation & reduce stress✅
Compared to once a week saunas, studies have shown taking a sauna 4 or more times a week reduces the risk of:
Death from heart disease by 50%
High blood pressure by 47%
Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease by 66%
Respiratory diseases & pneumonia by 41%
#infraredsauna #infrared6 #mygc#rigsrecovery


Recovery is just as important as training to achieve peak performance

RIGS Recovery centre offers a host of services aimed at speeding up recovery to get the best out of your Performance .

Recovery for the beginner to the professional athlete, our sports and injury packages will assist all shapes and sizes to assist recovery from intense training and lingering injuries to maximise future performance.


A number of our services are scientifically proven to assist with pain and injury management and rehabilitation without medication. Decreasing inflammation, improving blood flow and oxygenation, enhancing the immune response and reducing stress markers, are just some of the ways our various technologies assist you to heal and maintain wellness.


Lose fat and centimetres and manage cellulite with our weight loss services. You train hard and eat well and still can’t achieve the shape you want, well RIGS Recovery Centre may have your the answer, with scientifically proven methods to improve circulation and increase metabolism to help shift those stubborn areas of fat.


Ageing is a complex process with many contributing factors. Stress, dehydration, collagen degradation, loss of skin elasticity and reduced cellular oxygen uptake all contribute to both the visible signs of ageing and the underlying cellular causes.

Look younger and feel better with our range of services aimed at helping to prevent these damaging processes and give you a more youthful appearance.

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