The science of weight loss continues to improve with major advancements in our understanding of metabolism, fat production and the role of stress and cortisol on fat storage. The services we offer target these processes to help you move those stubborn and unwanted bulges and dimples.


Use our Cryotherapy treatment to assist with weight loss by rapidly increasing your metabolic rate which, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating is the best way to lose fat faster. After your Cryotherapy treatment, your brain signals to the rest of your body to pump blood to your core to increase your body heat and therefore your metabolic rate. The enriched blood rushes back through the body, boosting immunity, and cell renewal. Your body is then using a considerable amount of energy to reheat and this is how Cryotherapy, whole body therapy as a supplement to your healthy eating and exercise plan, can assist you to achieve a faster weight loss.

For up to 8 hours following your whole body session, you’ll burn about 2000-3300 Kilojoules, around 500-800 calories. A 3-minute Cryotherapy session is the equivalent of a 45-minute run.  

One session will have you feeling amazingly energised as the cold temperatures trigger a rush of good feeling endorphins and the mood effects of the treatment can last for days. 

If it’s weight loss you’re after, then you’ll achieve the maximum results with repeated sessions, along with improved circulation and muscle tone.


Regular sessions in an infrared sauna are a safe, effective way to promote overall health and well-being. After just one sauna session, many people notice the benefits of a healthier, more youthful glow. With repeated use, it will continue to improve the look and feel of your skin. It helps to detoxify the body, removing impurities through the body’s sweat.

Each 30-minute session encourages the body to burn up to 800 calories, facilitating weight loss and increase overall metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories throughout the day.


Swimming comes close to being the perfect exercise. It uses all of the muscle groups rhythmically, building strength and endurance without wear and tear. Swimming exercises your heart, improves circulation, tones muscles, and burns calories. By working out in our current pool, you get a full body workout that’s particularly refreshing and enjoyable.

By swimming in-place provides a full body workout with low impact cardio for weight loss. The fitness benefits are extraordinary.


Ongoing studies into Hyperbaric Therapy indicate improvements in metabolism by increased oxygen supply may play a role in inducing weight loss.

The therapy is being investigated for an ability to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce fasting blood glucose. In addition, the stress-reducing properties of Hyperbaric Therapy help address cortisol levels which impact on fat storage and metabolism.

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