The most commonly overlooked segment of the training cycle that can impact performance is recovery. Hours fine-tuning diet and exercise regimes can be lost with a lack of appropriate recovery.

In addition to incorporating rest days into your routine, check out ways you can boost your recovery with RIGS Recovery Centre.


The ice bath has evolved. Cryotherapy is the growing secret weapon of elite athletes and sportspeople around the globe. Give your performance a boost with an entirely natural way to get to the top, by adding regular cryotherapy sports treatments to your rigorous training schedule.

Would you like to recover quicker and perform at your peak? Increase body performance efficiency by 30% and recover up to eight times faster?

Book a session to see for yourself.


Hyperbaric Oxygen is used to treat sports injuries, from acute injury to muscle contusions and ankle sprains. It is also used in the treatment of joint, ligament and tendon injuries to reduce recovery time.

Oxygen is essential to body tissues and any tissue injury requires oxygen for healing. The body normally heals itself using oxygen from the air: increased oxygen concentration can extend the body’s ability to heal. Many athletes, both professional and amateur, are now choosing Hyperbaric Therapies as part of their care, recovery, and well-being.


Floatation increases blood flow to the joints and soft tissues, allowing muscle spasms to release, as well as releasing endorphins which reduce our perception of pain, also alleviating fatigue and stress.

Floating induces a deep state of relaxation, changing brainwaves from Beta to Theta state. Within this state, the body restores its natural powers of self-regulation, healing, and regeneration.

Studies have shown that floating helps reduce lactic acid and exercise-induced cortisol significantly lowered over time, which means that the more often you indulge in floatation, the greater the rewards you will reap, increasing your focus, improving your physical performance and strengthen your mind-muscle connection.


Infrared Sauna encourages lymphatic fluid movement, resulting in a more efficient immune system. It helps to release muscle tension and joint pain, thereby reducing the need for pain medication, aiding in relaxation and stress relief.


If you are seeking an active recovery option for your non-training days, our swim current pool could be your answer.

In water, you experience a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. By decreasing the amount of joint stress, it’s easier and less painful to engage in active recovery.

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