Hyperbaric Therapy is an advanced medical treatment option enabling the ability to breathe pure oxygen in a special, atmospherically controlled chamber.

Distinguishing this therapy is transporting oxygen at higher levels throughout the body by not only red blood cells, the traditional method, but by dissolving oxygen into all body fluids. This includes the plasma, central nervous system, bones, lymph fluids and more.


A primary benefit is the ability to reach damaged tissues with extra oxygen in previously hard to reach or blocked areas or parts of the body with compromised or diminished circulation. In this manner, the body is supported and enhances its own healing process.

It’s important to note the power of enhancing the ability of white blood cells through this therapy. By killing bacteria more efficiently, reducing swelling from injuries, and promoting the growth of new, heartier blood vessels in areas needing more attention to heal.

What do people say?

Hyperbaric Therapy Can Help with

  • Anti-ageing
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Sport or athletic recovery
  • Injury or surgical rehabilitation
  • General wellbeing


90 minutes

$ 60
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