Benefits Of Infrared Sauna VS Regular Sauna

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You may have heard in the past just how good the sauna can be for you, but there are two types of sauna that you should know about before you start using them. The infrared sauna and the regular steam sauna can be found in sports clubs, gyms and spas. While there are some similarities between them, they are not the same so let’s compare the benefits of Infrared Sauna compared to regular sauna.

How Saunas Produce Heat

The traditional sauna is heated by wood burner or electric stove, and gets all the way up to 80-100 degrees celcius.

The infrared sauna uses infrared light panels to heat your skin using light, not by heating the air around you.

When using the saunas, many people report a very similar experience.

Infrared sauna

However, some places have infrared saunas with a few more bells and whistles, such as LED controlled lighting that you can change while inside, as well as relaxing music.

However, the light from infrared saunas travels deeper into the body, and can actually help the body to sweat at a lower temperature, which can be very useful for those who don’t want to bake in a regular sauna.

This is one of the main differences between traditional saunas and regular saunas.

Regular Saunas Use Humidity

Humidity is another key difference when understanding the benefits of infrared sauna.

A steam sauna has a lower temperature than a dry sauna, but it uses a large amount of heated steam which creates a humid experience.

Steam room sauna

Some people don’t like the humidity, and others cannot stand the hot and dry experience of a dry sauna.

Infrared saunas don’t use steam and rely solely on infrared light to create the overall desired results in the users.

They definitely aren’t humid and you’re not going to feel like you’re breathing a lot of hot, dry air.

The Actual Results Of Both Saunas

A traditional dry sauna uses a kind of hot stove to heat the air.

The air temperature then increases around you, and the temperature of your body increases due to absorption by heat convection.

Your body starts the cooling process by transporting blood closer to the surface of the skin and opening your pores by sweating.

“Many people want the benefits of the sauna without feeling like they’re sitting in a sweaty oven!”

An infrared sauna also heats heats your body but it doesn’t do it by heating the air like a traditional sauna.

Instead, an infrared sauna relies on emitting a specific wavelength of infrared light.

Your skin absorbs this light, which causes your body’s temperature to rise.

Of course, both types of sauna have various benefits including:

1. Toxin removal through sweating

You won’t sweat as much when using an infrared sauna, however many manufacturers report sweat induced from an infrared sauna contains more toxins.

2. Improved skin by flushing out impurities and dead skin cells

This can reduce break outs and certain skin conditions.

3. Strengthens the immune system

Heating the body can help you avoid the common cold and other ailments.

4. Assisting in weight loss

When your body heats up, it burns more calories!

Sauna burns around 60 calories for a 30 minute session, and is best used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet.

5. Improved cardiovascular health

Increasing the heard rate and blood circulation without affecting blood pressure is a great, low risk way to improve cardiovascular health.

6. Relieves pain caused by arthritis and Raynaud’s disease

Raynauds disease causes smaller arteries to react exessively to cold which limits the blood supply to areas of the body unnecessarily.

Sauna counteracts this by causing blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood flow.

Final thoughts

The type of sauna you use will often come down to your personal preference, however many are choosing enjoying the benefits of infrared sauna over regular sauna because they don’t have to feel physically uncomfortable while they use it, and don’t require a shower afterwards.

Infrared sauna doesn’t need to heat the body to such a degree to get results.

It’s also faster and easier to tolerate and in some cases, it can also be more relaxing, with music and the right lighting.

It isn’t hard to see why it can be a better option for many people who want the benefits of the sauna without feeling like they are sitting in a sweaty oven!

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